A marketing strategy is a set of practical steps that you take to achieve specific marketing goals for your company, by exploiting different marketing channels.

Suppose, for example, that you want to achieve $100,000 in profits for your company this year – according to your marketing plan that I mentioned earlier – which works in the ready-made garments industry.

To achieve this goal, you may do any of the following:

  • YouTube Marketing.
  • Go to the shops to try to convince them to promote your clothes.
  • Create a Facebook page to promote your clothes online.
  • Create a sponsored advertisement on Facebook.

Each of the above is a separate marketing strategy. In order to make a funded advertisement on Facebook, for example, there are certain information and steps you must take (targeting – designing an advertising video in a specific style) and others.

Also, in order to promote your clothes to shop owners, you must know the residential areas in which you will distribute, and you must analyze and study some of the competitors.

For this reason, the concept of marketing strategy appeared. It represents all the practical steps that you will take in order to take advantage of any marketing channel. Facebook is a marketing channel that differs from promoting through shops.

The most famous of these marketing channels, which are suitable for almost all fields, are:

  • SEO (Getting free visits to your website such as blogs and stores).
  • Paid ads on search engines.
  • YouTube channels.
  • Free accounts on social networking sites (Facebook – Instagram – Linkedin – Twitter).
  • Paid ads on social media.
  • Advertisements on television and radio.
  • Print ads (flyers – billboards).

The importance of marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is not a modern idea. On the contrary, since the days of barter, big traders have relied on reading the market, knowing what people are looking for and what competitors are doing in order to make profits.

This marketing strategy is of great importance to any entrepreneur or professional marketer who wants the product or service he is promoting to reach people and make profits from them.

This importance is represented in the following points:

1- Marketing strategy saves money

This is the most important reason for many marketers, in order to make profits, you have to reduce expenses, and this is what the marketing strategy helps you with.

Let’s say, for example, that you spend $1,000 on advertising and promotion for your company in order to make $5,000 in profits. What if I told you a marketing strategy that makes you spend the same amount, but your profits will triple.

Or maybe you just spend $500 and get the same returns, meaning if you spend all $1000 you will get twice the profits, this is the power of marketing strategies.

Or, with some effort, you can use one of the free marketing strategies that help you make big profits without needing a budget to get started.

When you know all the channels and ways that make you reach your customers, you will choose the easiest and fastest way, all based on data and numbers and not just speculation.

2- Marketing strategy enables you to make the right decisions

The marketing strategy is the practical steps that you implement on the ground in order to achieve the goals of your project or company, and therefore any decision you will take will be based on the results you achieve.

For example, suppose you discovered that your product does not achieve the desired results after many attempts, so you may change the product itself or develop it.

Or perhaps you discover your customers’ need for an additional service or a new product that complements what you offer, so you decide to manufacture it, all this you will know through different marketing strategies.

The first time any new customer hears about you is through the marketing channels you use. If your marketing strategy is solid, you can build a good relationship with your audience that will last for long periods of time.

That is why you must be a professional in using different marketing strategies in order to achieve your goals easily.

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